Moving the pet health facts to blog format!

Over the last year, I have been making the occasional "pet health facts" post on our instagram stories. While I am not a vet, I have had the opportunity to learn so much by working in such close proximity to them, and working with animals 24/7. The biggest problem with the instagram format though, is that science (and especially health sciences!) are not static. The best course of action for taking control of your pets health may change as new information and new studies become available! In instagram, once something is posted, I can't go back 6 months later when a new study is published and edit that post! Whereas here I will be able to do that. In blog posts, I will also finally be able to cite my sources, so you dont have to take my word for it! So starting now, i'm going to strive to have a pet health post up every Monday. We will begin with the ones covered in the instagram stories, but now I can update them with new information, expand upon the topics, and provide links to studies done on the subject!

See you next week! I'm so looking forward to starting this, and hope some of you are too! Feel free to send an email about any common pet health topics you suggest. This whole thing is just to get information that every pet owner should know out there.


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